Capturing your story

 This is the day you have been planning for and dreaming of. Your favorite people in the world are gathering, the dance floor is waiting, the champagne is chilled. Every little detail has been tended to and now it’s time to walk down the aisle and join forces with your one true love. You will remember these moments for the rest of your life; the family, the friends, the cake, the music, the tears and the laughter. You deserve to have this beautiful experience thoughtfully documented as you share the story of your wedding with family and friends in the decades to come.When you hire a professional photographer for your wedding you are not only hiring someone to take pretty pictures but also a person who is a storyteller. A professional photographer takes the time to really listen to you and your love story. They will know the people and moments that are most important to capture on your wedding day and will take gentle care to create an atmosphere where your story can unfold. Always in the background, observing and guiding, a professional photographer documents your story in such a way that when you see your photographs you will be able to truly relive the beautiful and unique story of your wedding day.

I offer two different styles of photography, so that we can best tell your unique story.

Documentary Style

My Documentary style coverage gives you up to 8 hours of pure photojournalistic coverage. This style is suited to couples that just want their story told, and want to stay in the moment.

Whilst we don't set specific times for portraits, and we don't do any formal "posed" photos, we will steal 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there to break away from the crowd, go for a walk and capture some beautiful images of you alone together.

Likewise, instead of setting time aside for formal family and bridal party photos, we will grab these photos as the opportunity arises through the day and during the reception, responding to the moment and the atmosphere at the time.

The philosophy behind my documentary style coverage is to keep you and your loved ones in the moment as much as possible, and for me to unobtrusively capture the special moments that punctuate your day. More examples of my documentary style can be found in the “Moments” section of my portfolio.

Beautiful work. Love them all, each one has something special about it.
— Gelisa & Isaac

Classic Style

This is the complete package, with all the bells and whistles. My Classic style coverage gives you 2 photographers for up to 12 hours of coverage. Whilst the majority of the day is captured candidly, we will set aside specific blocks of time, 30 minutes here, an hour there, to create stunning images of you.

Portraits of you both before the ceremony, after you have finished getting ready. Beautiful portraits of you together. Formal photos of you and your bridal party. We will set a block of time aside to gather all of your loved ones for formal group photographs.

We work in a more structured way with set session times between the key moments of your day, taking time to set up the photos, pose you and to accentuate the images with creative lighting techniques. We aim to both capture your day as it unfolds, but also to create classic formal wedding photographs and unique pieces of wedding artwork. More examples of my "classic style can be found in the “Artistic” and “Portrait” sections of my portfolio.


My Packages range from $3000 to $7000, and are put together to offer a significant saving on my most popular inclusions, or you can build your own package from my à la carte options if you have something specific in mind that isn’t amongst my packages.